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What is the Asian Tiger Mosquito?

The asian tiger mosquito, or Aedes albopictus, is known for its black and white, striped, legs and body, and is approximately 0.25 inches long.

It is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, but in recent decades this species has invaded many countries around the world through the movement of goods and the increase in international travel. This mosquito has become a major pest in many communities because it closely associates with humans, and flies and feeds in the day as well as dusk and dawn. The insect is called an asian tiger mosquito because of its location and appearance stripes like a tiger. The asian tiger mosquito is an important vector for the transmission of many viral pathogens, including West Nile virus, yellow fever, St. Louis encephalitis, dengue fever and Chikungunya fever, and several filarial nematodes such as Dirofilaria immitis. These mosquitoes lay their eggs in water full of natural and artificial containers, such as cavities in trees and old tires. They mainly lay their eggs in ditches and swamps. Asian tiger mosquitoes usually do not fly more than about a half of a mile from its breeding grounds.

In 1894, Frederick A. Askew, references the first to scientifically describe the Asian tiger mosquito, which he called Culex albopictus. Later, the case was assigned to the genus Aedes and discussed as Aedes albopictus. As the yellow fever mosquito, it belongs to the subgenus Steomyia. In 2004, researchers examined the high-level relations and proposed a new classification of Aedes Stegomyia and raised at the genre, making now Aedes albopictus Stegomyia Albopicta. However, this is a controversial subject, and the use of Aedes albopictus vs Stegomyia Albopicta is constantly debated.

The tiger mosquito entered the United States in shipments of used tires in Northern Asia in mid-1980. It can survive in a wide range of climates and has spread rapidly since the point of first detection in the states. Before its first successful invasion of southern U.S., this mosquito was first detected and eradicated in California in 1971 and 1987. In 2001, the asian tiger mosquito was found in two north and four counties in Southern California. This mosquito did not spread to California during the invasion of Eastern and Central Europe, but was introduced in the State in shipments of ornamental bamboo (Lucky Bamboo) of southern China. Rapid detection of the introduction and control efforts led to the spread of this species throughout California. The tiger mosquito is a very powerful mosquito from a variety of pathogens that cause diseases in humans and domestic animals, especially horses and dogs.

Asian Tiger Mosquito
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Personal Accounting Software Tips

Personal accounting software is a tool that will finally help you get control of spending and get you on the road to where you want to be financially. It's easy to buy products that quickly leave you at a dead end, especially with all the free software that's out there. It's also easy to buy packages that are overly complex and hard to use. Here are some great tips for getting the accounting software that's just right for you.

It May Not Work
Consider what financial tasks you need to get done. Need to track investments? Do you owe money on loans? Some simple financial softwares will do neither! The first thing you need to think through is what you really need to get done. Then read reviews and specifications on a software to see if it will get the job done.

Time to Learn
All software takes time and effort to learn. Even the most simplist of softwares will time time to learn. We recommend for you to choose a software that seems to be easy to learn and that you should also consider the availability of training resources and support as well. Hopefully that training material is free too, as with most softwares they are.

Are You Sure You Need 'Accounting' Software'?
Often, what people want looks more like help with their budget rather than a full out accounting system. Most people don't need to spend much on help for their budgets, unless you own a work from home business, that's when you most likely really do need an all out accounting software. Some personal finance softwares offer more in the way of budget help than others, take the time to learn what the package you're looking into has to offer.

Choose An Ongoing Software!
What will happen in the future if you run into a problem with your software and there's no support available? You'll have to ditch the program and find a new one. To avoid this, make sure you initially choose a program that looks like it will be staying in business in the long run. Everlasting support and program fixes is a MUST!

A Free Program To Look Into
GNUCash is open source accounting software that has a large community base. It's free and used by many people. Just looking at the website will give you a feel for the type of system this is, and with this software support we'll never die as long as the community stays strong! Though, do remember that no full accounting software is free, especially when you consider what it will take to learn the system and keep at it. Make sure you check what this free program has to offer, as well as some paid programs as well. What works for some may not work for you.

Personal accounting software exists to help you control all of your finances. The package you pick should do all that you need it to do, but should also not be more complex than what is necessary. Simpler systems require less investment to learn and less effort to keep the system going, even if the initial price is a bit more.

Accounting Basics
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Ice Cream Shops

Few things have remained constant as a source of enjoyment for kids throughout the ages. As technology advances, new toys and gadgets are introduced, and they quickly take the children's attention away from the previous gadgets straight to brand new releases. Few people buy toys for their kids now that they used when they were infants. But there are products that remain as popular today as they were when they first appeared, and ice cream shops certainly qualify.

Ice cream shops have evolved through the years, but remain quite similar to how they were back in the early 1600s, when the availability of ice made it possible for these types of stores to even exist. And their popularity is no surprise. In a hot summer day, most people look for ways to get cooler, and that typically involves eating or drinking something. Water can do in a pinch, but a good ice cream is always better. That's also when ice cream shops make the most of their money. In fact, when you go to a beach, or a boardwalk in hot weather, there's one type of rolling trucks you find more than any other, and that's ice cream trucks, which are in fact shops on wheels. Using their traditional, highly effective bells, they signal their presence to kids and adults, bringing a crowd to buy ice cream.

The products they sell evolved as well. At the start, ice cream shops would offer simple ice cream. Then, flavors appeared, like chocolate or vanilla, followed by even more interesting flavors, with nuts and candies added on top. Now ice cream can be found in literally hundreds of different flavors. But ice cream cones aren't the only products they sell anymore. Now there's bars, using cookies or different food to trap the cream in the middle, various types of yogurt, milkshakes, sundaes, and many more. Ice cream shops of today are usually bursting with all types of colorful food products that you simply can't get your eyes off of, especially in summer, and it's no wonder why there's so many such stores. On some days, they are filled with people getting a refreshing desert, and provide more joy than many other store types. Many shop owners do what they do for the joy of it, to see kids and adults smile, and provide a refreshing change in an otherwise hot and sticky day.

While considered as a fast food restaurant, ice cream shops are quite unique and unlike any other store. Many of them don't even open all year round, and stay open just for the summer, or for the hottest months. They are the only restaurants that serve almost exclusively to go, and they require huge amounts of refrigeration to keep the food cold. Indeed, the history of ice cream shops is diverse and interesting, going from simple ice cream cones to the most diverse products ever invented, to the joy of kids and adults alike.

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